AnteAGE® User Satisfaction Trial


In September, 2011, forty-four women and four men between the ages of thirty and seventy-five (average age 51.6 years) tested AnteAGE® for a period of one month.  At the conclusion of the trial period, participants were asked to rate AnteAGE® and compare it to other anti-aging skincare products they have used in the past. Their impressions were overwhelmingly positive.

Percent of Participants Who Reported Skin Improvement

Percentage of Participants Showing Improvement per Panel Evaluation

Trial Method

Trial participants were instructed to gently cleanse their face before applying the AnteAGE® two-part system twice each day – in the morning before makeup / sunscreen and at the end of the day after makeup removal.

At the start and completion of the trial, each trial participant completed a comprehensive self-assessment of their facial skin and had professional high-resolution photographs taken. Using a high-definition large-screen monitor, a panel of two physicians and a licensed esthetician reviewed and compared the photos at trial completion.

Twelve parameters of skin health and appearance were evaluated:


Tone Dryness Brightness
Softness Pore size Texture
Redness Age spots Fine lines
Blothiness Unevenness of color Deep lines



SummaryTrial participants and professional panel members were graded on each parameter on a scale of 0 (worse despite AnteAGE®) to 5 (remarkable improvement).

During a one month user satisfaction trial, AnteAGE® demonstrated high efficacy in improving the appearance of twelve parameters of skin health in women and men aged 30 to 75. Professional evaluation of before and after high-resolution photographs confirmed that AnteAGE® has high efficacy in improving the appearance of aging skin. User satisfaction was extremely high in all age groups.

Superlatives abound in the skincare market, more often than not unfounded and untrue, so we invite skepticism and close scrutiny of our claims as well. We are not selling hype; we are selling science – real science…and results. We invite you to learn how AnteAGE® is different, why it is effective, and experience it for yourself. We are confident you will like what you see.