AnteAGE MD® and AnteAGE® products are now available in Canada. These products have had overwhelming success for clinics and clients in 35 countries around the world. 

Find out all about AnteAGE® regenerative cosmeceuticals and learn how to use these truly transformative award-wining products to:

  • Increase ablative treatment results for face and body
  • Offer non-surgical hair restoration using microneedling
  • Provide hormone-free solutions for sufferers of vaginal atrophy symptoms
  • Provide skin and hair regenerating home-care products
  • Successfully use these business lines to help patients and generate revenue

AnteAGE® is proven by clinical studies, Health Canada approved, and is cruelty-free, cell-free, pathogen-free and paraben-free. 

AnteAGE® offers product specifically for 1) medically supervised aesthetic clinics, as well as products specific for 2) non-medically supervised aesthetic clinics and pharmacies.

Regional Contacts

British Columbia
Maura Pajonk 604.722.3120
Dianne Turner 403.669.5445
Ontario & Quebec
Cathie Coquard 604.612.6923

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