AnteAGE System

AnteAGE System


AnteAGE is derived from stem cells, but not just any type. Mesenchymal stems cells are the human body’s natural reservoir of beautifying chemicals called cytokines. They are abundant in our youth, but disappear with age.

Cellese scientists capture these regenerative cells from healthy human adults and grow them in a unique laboratory environment, coaxing them to create an abundance of cytokines. Cytokines play many roles, but the ones we are interested in are those resulting in a transformation of skin’s appearance.  Beautification chemicals, if you will.

Stem cytokines represent a unique and powerful approach to enhancing your skin's appearance; one that is scientifically advanced and yet completely natural to your skin.

Cellese highly recommends using both the Serum and Accelerator for the AnteAGE system to work.  You may use other products you also have in your routine.