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The stem cell technology behind AnteAGE® is published in peer-reviewed medical journals and makes our system unique to all other products on the market.  Our proprietary formula works by reengaging your skin’s natural ability to heal itself. AnteAGE replenishes the biological signals that promote healing throughout life – signals that steadily diminish with age. The skin clock is turned backward from the inside out.

The primary active ingredient in AnteAGE® is produced through laboratory culture of adult mesenchymal stem cells. The healing signals produced by the cells are combined with more than a dozen additional ingredients, each scientifically proven to promote healthier, younger looking skin.

AnteAGE® Serum and Accelerator contains more active ingredients than any other skincare system. No longer is it necessary to use five, six, seven or more separate products to have a complete skincare system. AnteAGE® makes it simple, convenient, and easy to look one’s best at any age.

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