What Are Stem Cytokines?

cytokines-petrie-dishesCytokines are best defined as signaling molecules produced by cells to act on other cells. As cellular signalers, cytokines influence and control our biological processes from conception to death, and everything in between. There are hundreds of unique cytokines in the human body.

Cells “communicate” with cytokines to repair injury, repel microbes, fight infections, and develop immunity. Many modern medical advances, including stem cell breakthroughs, are due to our growing understanding of cytokines.

Cytokines have become an important frontier in medicine and are studied in nearly every biological discipline, dominating the fields of inflammation, immunology, atherosclerosis and cancer.

Why Stem Cell Cytokines are Revolutionary

Cellese has harnessed the power to rekindle your skin’s natural ability to heal itself. Utilizing a process called “bio mimicry,” Stem cell cytokenes are unique to the proprietary formulation in AnteAGE.

Skin growth and repair is a robust process when we are young. As we age, the stem cell populations that are vital in providing healing cytokine signals to the skin dramatically diminish. We use modern culture techniques (the same type used to produce human insulin and other naturally occurring substances) to grow these stem cells in the laboratory to harvest their regenerative cytokines. By replenishing lost cytokines in a topical product on the skin, we are able to effectively reengage your skin’s healing process.

Your skin knows how to become more youthful looking – it always has but needs the proper signals. The stem cytokines in AnteAGE are the same ones each of us produces throughout life – a lot when we are young, less and less as we age. Stem Cytokines are 100% natural products.