AnteAGE® Seminar Info

Join us for an exciting in-person day of education, where you’ll learn how human bone marrow stem cell growth factors & cytokines can be effectively incorporated into your aesthetic business to increase your reputation and profitability, and improve your patient outcomes.

Featuring keynote speaker, Daniel Clary, VP of Education for AnteAGE®, and presentations & demonstrations from key industry professionals.

Seminar Highlights:

  • Discover how bone marrow stem cell growth factors and cytokine technology helps improve the skin’s ability to repair and regenerate, improving your patient outcomes
  • Discuss proven business-building strategies with industry professionals to increase your clinic’s profitability
  • Learn about our entire product line of growth factor skin, hair, and vaginal rejuvenation products, so you can easily incorporate them into your business
  • Watch live demonstrations showcasing how our growth factor technology will enhance your most popular aesthetic treatments
  • Receive free AnteAGE samples, and be eligible for exclusive giveaways and promotions only available to seminar attendees
  • Attend our exclusive networking lunch where you’ll meet your Canadian sales rep, Maura Pajonk, and other industry professionals


Element Vancouver Metrotown
5988 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5H 2A7 Room: Evergreen A


$50 per person


June 6, 2022 9:30am - 2:30pm

Each attendee will receive a $100 credit towards their next AnteAGE® order, if placed within 7 days of the event.

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Daniel Clary

Daniel is the VP of Product at AnteAGE® and a passionate aesthetic industry veteran, with nearly 20 years in the skincare business.

From his Biochemistry undergrad days to today, Daniel’s career has been focused on the research side of the industry, with extensive training in cosmetic chemistry, biochemistry, skin anatomy/physiology, and molecular biology.

As an elected member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists who is actively involved in product formulation, development, and R&D, Daniel is excited to share his wealth of knowledge and insider tips with seminar attendees.


Based in Irvine, California, AnteAGE®’s mission is to provide powerful regenerative anti-aging products through sound evidence-based technologies.

Led by renowned researchers, scientists, and physicians who are the best in their field, we have pioneered the use of human bone marrow stem cell technology into the aesthetics and dermatology fields.

Committed to leveraging the power of stem cell growth factors and cytokines to deliver safe, effective, and luxurious skincare products that promote aesthetic health, our research team is constantly developing and testing new active ingredients for effectiveness, ensuring that anything we use is proven and safe for our customers.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory operates with meticulous safeguards and quality check standards so that we always deliver an effective and safe product to our customers. All bone marrow stem cells used to cultivate our cytokines and growth factors are ethically sourced from healthy adult donors.

With fewer than 100 active Providers across Canada, now's your chance to be an early adopter of this game changing aesthetic technology!

Trusted by 3,500+ Providers, AnteAGE® products are always 100% Cruelty-Free, 100% Cell-Free, 100% Pathogen-Free, and 100% Paraben-Free

Meet Your Canadian
Sales Representative

Maura Pajonk, aka @BeautyInsider604, the top AnteAGE® sales rep in Canada, from Surrey, BC.

With over 5 years in the aesthetics industry, a Commerce degree from UBC, and a long history of small business ownership, Maura will help you succeed by sharing her hard-earned secrets to running a successful aesthetic practice, beyond your expertise in performing treatments and procedures.

She’ll help you identify and solve your profitability concerns by consulting with you on pricing, marketing, logistics, and other administrative elements of running a successful business, ensuring your treatment outcomes are vastly improved by including AnteAGE® products in your clinic’s treatment, post-procedure, and daily home care protocols.

Beyond her career, Maura loves to garden, cook, sing, swim, practice yoga, and cuddle fuzzy animals. She’s married to her sweetheart of nearly 25 years and has an amazing stepdaughter and granddaughter.

Don’t Miss Out

As a seminar attendee, you’ll get access to these additional offers:


  • A delicious networking lunch with industry professionals
  • Free AnteAGE® samples
  • Exclusive access to giveaways and promotions
  • $100 credit on your next AnteAGE® order (if made within 7 days of the event)