At AnteAGE®, we are committed to providing providers and patients alike with access to skin, hair, and vaginal treatment solutions and home care products with the highest level of efficacy backed by leading edge regenerative science. Because of this commitment, we take pride in the process that goes into reviewing and vetting all potential providers, resellers, and distributors.

Authentic AnteAGE® products may only be purchased directly from AnteAGE®, or through one of our vetted providers, resellers, or distributors. As a result, any AnteAGE® product listed for sale outside of these channels should be considered as counterfeit. This includes any and all large online marketplace retailers, such as:,,,,, and

Authenticity Verification

If you are unsure about whether or not the product being sold is the real thing, or believe you may have received a counterfeit item, please feel free to contact our Customer Care team who is more than happy to help with Authenticity Verification and counterfeit resolution.

Find a Provider

Looking to find a provider in your area that offers AnteAGE® products & treatments? We have designed our Provider Locator to make this easier than ever.

Please note: The Provider Locator does not include all authorized AnteAGE® Providers, and only represents a small segment of the global AnteAGE® Provider, distributor, and reseller network.