Clinical Research

Rooted in Research and Innovation

AnteAGE® is the result of decades of clinical research in stem cell biology. Its cornerstone technology of bone marrow stem cells was originally used as a wound treatment for diabetes patients.

Diabetic wounds heal very slowly, but we discovered years ago that we could coax bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) to heal skin wounds rapidly. These stem cells’ natural function is to respond to emergencies in the body through their communication network of biosignaling molecules called cytokines.

Harnessing Cytokines to Enhance Cellular Regeneration

The cytokines’ ability to communicate to cells and tell them what to do is why they are currently used in many investigative health therapies, but there are hundreds of growth factors and cytokines. While the most commonly known are peptides and glycopeptides, which are contained in mesenchymal stem cells, cytokines have a complex family tree, and not all of them are beneficial to skin regeneration.

Cytokine patterns operate like words in a sentence, and we have spent the last few years learning their “language” to understand their differing behavior when it comes to wound healing and photoageing.

With this knowledge, we are able to curate a bouquet of stem cell growth factors and cytokines that work together to communicate with dermal cells to rejuvenate skin, while avoiding any pro-inflammatory agents that could lead to undesirable effects.

Clinical Results

The result of our years of expertise and research is AnteAGE®—an anti-aging skincare system that is highly effective and rooted in science.


Published, peer-reviewed studies about our clinical outcomes.