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AnteAGE® is devoted to equipping skincare professionals with powerful solutions that maximize both client and business outcomes. AnteAGE® Providers gain exclusive access to industry leading growth factor treatment solutions as well as home care products for skin and vaginal rejuvenation.

This innovative product line pairs with our dedication to Provider support and training make AnteAGE® an ideal partner for skincare professionals who are serious about offering the best regenerative aesthetic treatments available in the professional market.

"I used to offer my clients the option of adding AnteAGE® growth factors. After about a year... all treatments now include the AnteAGE® Growth Factor Solution. The difference in results is astounding."

-Esthetician | Oregon

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Stem Cell Facial

Targeted Solutions for More Satisfied Clients

The AnteAGE® Microchanneling Stem Cell Facial protocol delivers outcome-targeted treatment solutions to help your clients achieve their goals– without the need for a microneedling pen.

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Astounding Results

For more than a decade, our research and development teams have been in the lab pushing the boundaries of regenerative aesthetics with a focus on delivering stunning results.

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