Growth Factors, Stem Cells, and your Skin.

Aging skin is damaged skin.

Sun, chemicals, the environment, even gravity take their toll over time. And as we age, our ability to repair the daily damage to our skin is diminished.  Fewer stem (regenerative) cells to do the work.

AnteAGE harnesses the regenerative power of youthful human stem cells to reverse the damage. This is not plant cells or discarded fat cells or some other stretch of the skin potion marketer’s imagination.  This is the real thing.

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Where Skincare Meets Science

Inside each bottle of AnteAGE® is the powerful new science of growth factors and stem cells at work. When the body is injured, it signals a specialized population of stem cells to rush to the place of injury where they secrete pro-healing anti-inflammatory biosignals (growth factors and cytokines) that control and orchestrate tissue repair. Young bodies – and young skin – mount a robust repair response. But as we age, the population of these youth-preserving stem cells plummets and so does the ability to heal. Not just from cuts and scrapes, but from the daily insults of sun damage, chemicals, and the environment.  Aging skin lacks those youthful growth factors and cytokines that served us well earlier in life. As a result, aging skin sags, discolors, wrinkles, loses its smooth texture, radiance and glow.  That’s the bad news. Here’s the good news: having studied this for many years, AnteAGE® doctors & scientists have discovered how to take these same specialized repair stem cells (from the bone marrow of young but adult humans) and talk to them in their own language (cytokines) and convince them to produce patterns of skin healing, anti-inflammatory anti-aging growth factors & biosignals. There are formulated into skincare products that are rigorously tested and perfected in our own research clinic in Newport Beach, California.

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Janet D. Paquette, MD - Medical Esthetics @ MODE

AnteAGE MD rapidly became the foundation of every skin rejuvenation, acne and scar reduction treatment program offered at Medical Aesthetics at Mode. We use the AnteAGE MD Stem Cytokine / hyaluronic acid product on all Microneedling procedures. Many of our patients use the Serum and Accelerator twice daily, before any other products. Results are impressive and exceed patient expectations. It is important to my patients that AnteAGE is cruelty free, cell free and free of fragrance and paraben. Patient satisfaction is quite literally 100% to date!


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Acne Scars, Deep Wrinkles and Fine Lines – ALL GONE

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