Introducing AnteAGE MD® Brightening Microneedling Solution— the only brightening product on the market that you can safely needle into the skin to lift pigment and block it from forming at the cellular level.

Formulated in the same clean way as our standard Growth Factor Solution, the AnteAGE MD® Brightening Microneedling Solution has added actives that stop melanin production from multiple pathways. Tranexamic acid, Melanostatin and NAG along with our high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid and Bone Marrow Stem Cell Growth Factors make this a one of a kind treatment solution without the risk of irritation.

When you pair our Brightening Microneedling Solution with the niacinamide in our AnteAGE MD® Daily Brightener, hyperpigmentation, melasma and dark spots don’t stand a chance. These are the only products that block melanogenesis from all pathways and best of all, it is hydroquinone and irritation free.

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